Polly-O Cheese—One of the Smartest Snacks on the Block!

Snacking can make or break a healthful eating plan, depending on the snacks you choose. Choosing smart snacks can:

Why is Polly-O String Cheese a Smart Snack Choice?

How Polly-O String Cheese Stacks Up to Other Popular Snacks
  Protein Sugar Calories
Polly-O String Cheese (1 oz snack) 7g 0g 80
Leading Sweetened Lowfat Yogurt (6 oz cup) 5g 27g 170
Leading Chewy Granola Bar (0.86 oz bar) 1g 7g 100

Seven Ways to Plus-Up Your String Cheese Snack

Polly-O String cheese is a great solo snack, but is also a perfect partner with other nutritious foods such as fruits, veggies and whole grains.

Try these doubly-good ideas:

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