The Oscar Mayer Story

Oscar Mayer

Over 125 years ago, Oscar F. Mayer and his brother, Gottfried, opened a small butcher shop in Chicago. There, they sold quality products at honest prices. The brothers ran their business under one simple, yet powerful philosophy: there’s always a better way. And they applied this thinking to every aspect of the business. Whether it was making their products affordable, delivering quality food, or making the neighborhood smile with a funny-shaped car, finding a better way was at the heart of everything they did.

And never resting on their laurels didn’t just help the company grow, it helped the products become better, safer, and more delicious.

Oscar Mayer Yellow Brand

In 1929, Oscar F. Mayer began wrapping his products with a branded yellow paper band. In a time when the meat industry was inconsistent and untrusted, this strip of yellow was a beacon of quality and consistency.

It’s just one example of the Oscar Mayer commitment to a better way. And this dedication continues to this day:

Celery Juice as a Preservative

We found a better way to use simple ingredients to improve our food and became the first brand to offer a complete line of meats that have no artificial preservatives, no artificial flavors, and no artificial colors (Oscar Mayer Selects). By using simple ingredients such as celery juice, half of our new products will have no artificial preservatives in 2012. And our goal is to have 20% of our portfolio made with no artificial preservatives by 2015. We've also not only reached, but exceeded goals for sodium reduction across our portfolio. (Read more)

Animal Care Expert

Finding a better way has also led us to collaborate with respected animal care experts such as Drs. Temple Grandin, Kurt Vogel, and Bruce Webster to improve standards for keeping animals healthy and safe. Our goal is to find solutions that are right for the environment and for animals, and sustainable for our suppliers and their farm families. This way of thinking has helped us provide more food choices to feel good about at affordable prices.


Simply put, finding a better way has helped us make good food fun everyday. And by keeping this rule in mind, it’s our promise to you that Oscar Mayer will always be approachable, affordable, and…fun.