The year was 1894. To make ends meet Susan Stavers, a Boston housewife, was taking in boarders. Among them was an ailing sailor who had brought some cassava roots to Stavers from his journeys. Hoping to soothe the sailor, she made a sweet and delicious tapioca pudding from the roots. To create a smoother consistency, Stavers took the sailor's suggestion of putting the tapioca through the coffee grinder. The pudding turned out smooth, and Susan received rave reviews from her boarders. Soon news of her dessert spread, and Stavers was regularly grinding tapioca, packing it in paper bags and selling it to the neighbors.

John Whitman, a newspaper publisher heard of this wonderful recipe, bought the rights to Susan's process and the MINUTE® Tapioca Company was born. It became part of the General Foods family in 1926 and part of Kraft Foods, Inc. in 1989.

For over 100 years, MINUTE Tapioca in the familiar red and white box has been an American kitchen staple. Families have been using MINUTE Tapioca to make favorite puddings and treasured heirloom recipes for fruit pies, soufflés and stews. However, tapioca is not "old-fashioned," -- as we enter the next 100 years, tapioca's popularity is growing! Tapioca has enjoyed a "rebirth" as a popular ingredient in the kitchens of trendy restaurants. And tapioca pudding now is offered in a variety of flavors -- in addition to the traditional vanilla pudding, you can make MINUTE Tapioca pudding in chocolate, egg nog, peanut butter, mocha, rocky-road, and maple-walnut. In fact, new MINUTE Tapioca pudding recipes made with juice instead of milk offer a refreshing twist for the warmer months! Visit the Recipe page to check out these pudding recipes using fruit juices such as apple, grape, pineapple, orange, grapefruit, cranberry, or mango! Ah, MINUTE Tapioca, the soothing pudding of yesterday continues to bring delicious new ideas for the future!

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