Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about cooking with MINUTE® Tapioca and about making soothing, homemade MINUTE Tapioca Pudding. Please contact us at the Baking & Jamming Tip Exchange if you have additional comments or suggestions!
How do I prepare MINUTE Tapioca Pudding?
Can I substitute artificial sweetener for sugar when preparing my MINUTE Tapioca Pudding?
Can I use an egg substitute instead of real eggs when preparing my MINUTE Tapioca Pudding?
What type of milk should be used when making MINUTE Tapioca Pudding?
How should I store MINUTE Tapioca Pudding once it's been prepared?
Can I use MINUTE Tapioca as a thickener in my stew? Gravy? Soup?
How should I store my box of MINUTE Tapioca?
How is MINUTE Tapioca Made?
What is the difference between MINUTE Tapioca and other tapioca products?

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