Capri Sun Making every day better

Roarin' Waters

Light fruit flavors make this beverage super fun to drink. (And the cool pouch helps, too.) Find it in the juice aisle.

Click each fun flavor for nutrition and ingredients

From Used... to Useful

Start a Drink Pouch Brigade to turn empty drink
pouches into cool gear and cash for your school
or organization. Yup, it's kinda magic!

Get The Details

Mom Sense Tip #46

Freeze Capri Sun to use as an ice pack that's ready by lunchtime. Bonus: it does double duty as an ice pack for scrapes, too.

Mom Sense Tip #78

Sneak even more nutrition into breakfast. Blenderize 1 cup fruit + Capri Sun Sunrise. Serve and enjoy!

Mom Sense Tip #38

Yikes—it's birthday time and the whole class is invited. Capri Sun pouches are fun, no-spill drinks. And no misplaced cups to wash, either.

Mom Sense Tip #121

A quiet backseat is the road to happiness.
For long car trips, keep Capri Sun in an
easy-to-reach spot.