Capri Sun Making every day better

From Used... to Useful

Start a Drink Pouch Brigade to turn empty drink
pouches into cool gear and cash for your school
or organization. Yup, it's kinda magic!

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Mom Sense Tip #46

Freeze Capri Sun to use as an ice pack that's ready by lunchtime. Bonus: it does double duty as an ice pack for scrapes, too.

Mom Sense Tip #78

Sneak even more nutrition into breakfast. Blenderize 1 cup fruit + Capri Sun Sunrise. Serve and enjoy!

Mom Sense Tip #38

Yikes—it's birthday time and the whole class is invited. Capri Sun pouches are fun, no-spill drinks. And no misplaced cups to wash, either.

Mom Sense Tip #121

A quiet backseat is the road to happiness.
For long car trips, keep Capri Sun in an
easy-to-reach spot.