Capri Sun Making every day better

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Kids love having plenty of choices when it comes to delicious drinks, juices and flavored waters. With varieties like Capri Sun Original, 100% Juice, Roarin' Waters and now, Sunrise, there's a wholesome drink for every occasion!

Roaring with Fruity Flavor

Now KFC Kids Meal includes Capri Sun® Roarin' Waters! Kids get their choice of fun food and a wholesome drink! Plus, KFC reminds kids to play smart & stay healthy by joining the Keep Fit challenge.

Be Green, Earn Green

When you start a drink pouch brigade, your kid's school gets cash for helping us upcycle drink puches into cool fashion gear.

Kids Just Wanna Have Fun

Burp-a-phobes, beware. Respect the Pouch is our kids-only site—full of games, contests and wholesomely silly fun.