A real original - the rugged blend
of hickory, smoke, molasses and
herbs & spices.

Guinness Draught Beer Blend
The rugged blend of hickory, molasses and
herbs & spices meets world-famous Guinness
beer in a rich, smooth blend perfect for chicken,
ribs and anything else that hits your grill.

Sweet & Tangy
Grill up sweet & sticky ribs using
this smooth, thick sauce with a shot
of dark apple cider vinegar.

Hickory Smoke
A smoldering combination of hickory smoke
flavor and spice creates a knockout sauce
with a smoky, authentic taste.

Brown Sugar & Hickory
The perfect blend of brown sugar,
molasses, and spices. This sauce
even makes the bone taste good.

Texas Style
Get a pepper kick and a hint of
mesquite from this sauce with the
big bold taste of Texas.

Memphis Style
Memphis style adds some tang to your meat
with a balance of spices, brown sugar and
just a hint of mustard.

Carolina Style
Carolina style is a sweet and tangy sauce
with just the right balance of mustard
and rich BBQ spices.

Kansas City Style
A blend of hickory, molasses and sweet BBQ
spices that melds together for a sweet & sticky
Kansas City style sauce.

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